Winnipeg Art Gallery Launches New Mobile App With Cuseum


Winnipeg Art Gallery has launched their new mobile app with Cuseum! The app, available on both iOS and Android devices, will provide audio tours, maps, and more as visitors browse the expansive collection and learn more about the deep history of the land the Gallery calls home.  

WAG opened its doors in the Winnipeg Industrial Bureau Exposition Building in 1912, becoming the first civic art gallery in Canada. While the WAG has since grown out of its original space in its evolution into Canada’s sixth largest gallery, it seeks to bring an expansive and engaging experience to visitors, while also recognizing the implications of their occupation of indigenous lands. 

WAG proudly promotes the vision that “the Winnipeg Art Gallery is a cultural advocate using art to connect, inspire, and inform,” and we are thrilled to support that vision!  

Download Winnipeg Art Gallery’s new mobile app for free in the App Store or the Play Store

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