Core Team

Cuseum is on a journey to create world class software that helps museums and public attractions. We are passion driven to deliver the best experiences for our customers.


Brendan Ciecko

Founder & CEO

Some would describe Brendan as a hipster, hacker, and hustler for his design, technology, and business acumen. He has been building delightful digital projects since grade school, has worked with pop stars and celebrities, and has been to hundreds of museums around the globe. Read more.



Head of Partnerships & Growth

An energetic people-person, Dan loves to help people find solutions to hard problems. Dan loves the great outdoors, watching Antiques Roadshow, and traveling to new places.


Cuseum's Board of Advisors expertise and impact spans multiple sectors.

  • Built companies like Twitter, Nest, and AOL.
  • Led several of America's largest museums.
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