Looking for an exciting learning opportunity at a fast-growing startup? Look no further.

"My summer with Cuseum provided me with a perfect “snapshot” of the life of an early-stage startup. As the company evolved day-to-day, so did my responsibilities as an intern. Adapting to the often unpredictable changes taught me how to prioritize and work efficiently, with more independence than I would have had at any other internship. No matter the project, there was always an opportunity for everyone to offer their insights and I always knew I had the support of the Cuseum team if I needed it. Working with such a passionate group of people in such a dynamic environment constantly inspired me to self-improve, and I now refer to my experience at Cuseum as my ideal work environment.”

"What I found valuable about working at Cuseum was the ability to have an impact. Even though I was an intern, I felt that my ideas were taken seriously, and that was really motivating. From an engineering perspective, Cuseum was my first experience deploying my own features to production. The developers showed me how to write tests for my new features and the value of having tests run automatically for each commit. In addition to making features for production, I enjoyed building small apps to prototype new features.  Working at Cuseum gave me a much broader perspective on the startup world."

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