Cuseum's IP portfolio represents important technologies that are vital to the optimum mobile experiences. Over the years, we have leverage the knowledge, insight, and requirements of critical customer deployments around the globe. This has enables us to develop the world-leading mobile engagement platform for the museum, attractions, and non-profit sector.

Patents Granted

Prioritized activity based location aware content delivery system (Patent 9,723,440)
An activity based, location aware content delivery system runs a content delivery process that operates to detect a current location of a mobile device user, and to identify a first instance of content corresponding to the current mobile device location. The instance of content is used to identify a priority activity the mobile device user was previously engaged in at another location that has a pointer to a second instance of media content that is sent to the mobile device user.

Location and activity aware media content delivery system (Patent 9,775,003)
A media content delivery system includes a network server in communications with a plurality of mobile communication devices. The network server maintains a map of geo-fence instances and corresponding geographic locations of each, and it maintains a store of media content that relates to each geographic location. Each of the communication devices has functionality that operates to determine its current geographic location and to send the current geographic location to the network server. The network server runs a logical process that determines if a current location of the mobile device corresponds to a geo-fence location, and if so, operates to determine whether the user is waiting in a queue defined by the geo-fence. If both of these conditions are satisfied, the server selects and delivers media content to the mobile device that relates in some manner to a venue associated with the identified geo-fence instance.

Media content delivery system and method (Patent 10,034,142)
One or more wireless networks operate to provide wireless connectivity to a network server that runs an application that operates to deliver content in the form of a location defined file to a mobile communication device that is either moving around a building interior or moving around in the open air. The mobile communication device has functionality that determines is rate of motion and functionality that allows it to determine its geographic location. The rate of motion and the geographic location can be sent to the application running on the network server and used to determine what type of content is appropriate to deliver and to and display on the mobile communication device.

Location and activity aware content delivery system (Patent 10,264,392)
A location and activity aware content delivery system stores a plurality of instances of media content relating to known locations, and each of the instances of media content that are not generated by a mobile device user at the time the user is engaged in an activity proximate to the known locations. The system detects a current mobile device user location, emotional response and activity, selects an appropriate stored instance of media content and delivers the selected media content to a friendly user if the emotional response is positive, and does not deliver the selected media content if the emotional response is negative.


Method and system for generating indoor wayfinding instructions (N/A)

Delivering information about an image corresponding to an object at a particular location (N/A)

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